About Us

Why did this start?

This fundraiser started during the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.

Goals? Short Term, long term.

2020- We successfully raised $10,000 for Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation toward Covid-19 relief efforts. This was at the onset of the pandemic to aid with costs incurred and not budgeted for. Necessities that were driven to help patients and medical staff, to have proper equipment and PPE for maximum health and safety, for a controlled recovery of those affected.
2021- The main focal point of this year’s campaign, is toward local mental health initiatives, resources, and to help create more available services/ treatment to residents of Windsor-Essex. The Bridge 2 Bridge Marathon of Health is associated with, and supported by: the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare and Canadian Mental Health Association of Windsor-Essex.
Future- other local organizations that can benefit from raising awareness throughout the community. Issues such as: homelessness/ poverty, addiction, family services, the list for community involvement is endless. E.g. The Downtown Mission & Addiction Recovery (Transition to betterness, Street Help homeless centre), Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Crisis Centre, Windsor-Essex Family Services, Children’s Aid Society etc.

Where do donations go? Percentage

The donations will be divided equally among the three of our associated mental health beneficiaries. The Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, and Canadian Mental Health Association will all receive 1/3 of the proceeds from the fundraising of this event. Efforts of funding will go toward programs and services provided by each organization that aid in mental health therapy/recovery. This year, CMHA has launched an effort of fundraising to create a full-time position for a covid-19 relief therapist, to help those that are struggling with the internal battle and effects that the pandemic has created and highlighted.
All donations can be transferred through the peer 2 peer website toward specific pledges provided by Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation. Or by cheque addressed to The Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.