Origin of the Bridge 2 Bridge Marathon of Health and why it is important to me?

The Bridge 2 Bridge Marathon of Health started off as a pipe dream. A dream, without any plan or reasoning. But, after witnessing the efforts of our healthcare workers; during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, raising money toward a good cause gave a reason to make the dream a reality.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference in our community in a positive way. I’ve never been much of a volunteer or knew how to approach starting an initiative. However, this fundraiser just evolved naturally without any resistance.

“Positivity is contagious,” became my motto to help and inspire others. With such an uncertain future ahead, I could see the mental strain that the imposed lockdowns were having on many people. Just as well as negativity can be easy to adopt in many situations, so can a positive attitude. The main goal was to raise funds for Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation, as well as their staff and patients being affected by the pandemic. But, I also hoped to inspire others to make the best of our forced free time, to possibly change our community for the better.

Much to my surprise, my intention caught a bit of a following. Many local runners and athletes approached me about participating in the event on a weekly basis. They all wanted to help me reach my ambitious goal of raising $10,000 toward Covid relief efforts for Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation. Without all of my new friends, this dream wouldn’t have become a reality.

This Bridge 2 Bridge Marathon of Health is very near and dear to my heart. Especially after the success and reach of its inaugural year of 2020, we are now hoping to raise awareness and funds for local mental health organizations. The resources and services that our community provides can sometimes be limited by medical benefits and coverage. And after the studies showing how depression and anxiety has been on the rise, with many other unfortunate issues due to the pandemic, our mental health is even more of a priority than ever before. Everyone deserves the ability to have their emotional and mental health to be maintained, just as well as visiting a doctor for physical ailments.